In 2005-2014 I tought in Brno, at the Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University. I was member of staff at the sociology department, the website of which is here;. My fields were, above all, science and technology studies and qualitative data analysis.

Since mid 2014 I only loosely collaborate as a tutor for some PhD theses and I was running a "private" PhD seminar until 2018.


Office in Prague at the Center for Theoretical Studies, only after previous agreement by e-mail

e-mail: zdenek@konopasek.net

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KONOPÁSEK, Z. (2021): Ať spolu vědci dál nesouhlasí - rozhovor se Štěpánem Kučerou [Let us not ask the scientists to speak in a single voice - an interview with Štěpán Kučera]. Právo, Salon, 28. 1. 2021. Available at Novinky.cz

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KONOPÁSEK, Z. (2017): Lítáme v tom, někteří beznadějně: Odpověď na recenzi Radka Kubaly [We are all in the thick of it: Some of us quite hopelessly]. Zdeněk Konopásek's blog, 22. 12. 2020. Available at http://zdenek.konopasek.net/index.php?m=16&i=4138&b=16


KONOPÁSEK, Z. (2020, forthcoming): Existence na mnoho způsobů: Vejde se do tabulky? [Existence multiple: How does it fit in the table?]. Biograf, 71-72

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