Membership in professional associations and bodies

2008- ::::

Scientific board of the Center for Theoretical Study

An advisory board of my home institution at the Charles University in Prague and Academy of Science of the Czech Republic

2000- ::::

Advisory board of The Centre for Narrative Research

CNR at the University of East London brings together work on narrative that is being pursued in a variety of contexts across the social sciences

2002- ::::

Editorial board of Forum: Qualitative Social Research

FQS is an online international and peer-reviewed forum for qualitative social research, an open-access journal established in 1999 and lead by Katja Mruck

2004- ::::

Society for Social Studies of Science (4S)

Professional association that brings together those interested in understanding science, technology, and medicine, including the way they develop and interact with their social contexts

2005-2018 ::::

Scientific board of the PhD programme in sociology at the Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University in Brno

A kind of supervising body responsible for the study programme

2008-2016 ::::

Member of the editorial team of the Biograf journal

Biograf is Czech and Slovak peer-reviewed scholarly journal for qualitative research in the social sciences

2004-2014 ::::

The European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST)

Interdisciplinary scholarly society the purpose of which is to stimulate communication, exchange and collaboration in the field of studies of science and technology

1994-2008 ::::

Editor-in-chief of the Biograf journal

Biograf is Czech and Slovak peer-reviewed scholarly journal for qualitative research in the social sciences

1998-2005 ::::

Board of trustees of the Virtual institute

The Virtual Institute - Internet Centre for Social Studies, was a non-profit organization promoting online technologies in the social sciences teaching, publishing and research

2000-2003 ::::

Scientific board of the PhD programme in social work at the Faculty of Social and Health Studies, Ostrava University

Supervising body responsible for the study programme

2000-2002 ::::

Scientific board of the PhD programme in sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University in Prague

Supervising body responsible for the study programme

1996-2001 ::::

International correspondent of the journal Sociological Research On-line

A purely online journal publishing fully peer-reviewed sociology looking at current issues

1992-2000 ::::

Social Policy Association

The SPA is a professional association open for membership to academics and practitioners working in social policy, and to others with an interest in UK and international social policy

1994-2000 ::::

Biograf: Association for biographical and reflexive sociology

Professional association that used to be publisher of the Biograf journal, organised thematic seminars and conferences

1993-2000 ::::

Biography and Society, RC 38 of ISA

A "biographical section" of the International sociological association

1998-2000 ::::

Association for Qualitative Research

AQR is an international organisation which aims to further the practice and study of qualitative research

1998-2000 ::::

Society for Literature & Science

SLS (today SLSA - Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts) members share an interest in problems of science and representation, and in the cultural and social dimensions of science, technology, and medicine.

1993-1996 ::::

Associate editor of Auto/Biography

Journal for biographical sociology lead by Liz Stanley

1993-1996 ::::

Auto/Biography Study Group

Thematic group of the British Sociological Association

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POKORNÝ, P. & KONOPÁSEK, Z. (2020, in press): Lítáme v tom: Dialog o klimatu na pomezí vědy, politiky a aktivismu [We're in: Climate dialogue at the edge of science, politics, and activism]. In: A. Vondra, ed: Musí být ekologie alarmistická? Hledání realistických odpovědí [Does ecology have to be alarmist? Finding realistic answers]. Brno: Books & Pipes. Pp. 63-101

book chapter

KONOPÁSEK, Z. (2020): Latour o antropocénu: Složité vztahy mezi intelektuálním a politickým radikalismem [Latour and anthropocene: Complicated relations between intellectual and political radicalism]. Vesmír, 99 (512): ??-??

Discussion paper

KONOPÁSEK, Z. (2020, in press): Antropocén: Více než jeden, méně než dva [Anthropocene: More than one, less than many]. In: P. Pokorný & D. Storch, eds: Antropocén. Praha: Academia. Pp. 30-48

book chapter
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