I have been playing drums for a long time. At the end of 1970s, when I was attracted by punk and new wave. Since then I was also influenced by the Czech underground and a broad range of musical “alternatives”. I have participated in several non-commercial musical projects and bands. Already in my birth-town, Karlovy Vary, I played with 3 lydi [3 peeple], then, in 1980s, I was drummer of Dvouletá fáma [Two-year rumour]. I have collaborated with Oldřich Janota and Pavel Richter. Recently, I more and more enjoy playing and listening to improvised music. I was a member of improvising Dr. Konopný Quartet and I am pleased to engage in improvising theatrical-musical performances of Divadlo Vizita. Among my most recent musical projects is a duo with Luboš Fidler, called Noční pták [Nightbird], or solo performances on acoustic drum set. In 2022 I joined the band Kolna.

Music is only a part of my life. I spend a lot of time working as sociologist. And, occasionally, I mention some other activities on this web site. You can view all this mixed together or separately, in thematic sections. To navigate, you can use the menu on the top or the following URL addresses:

Everything together:

Coming performances

12. 6. 2023 -

Jaroslav Dušek: Four agreements (Dolní Benešov)

Theatrical performance

13. 6. 2023 -

Jaroslav Dušek: Four agreements (Vsetín)

Theatrical performance

14. 6. 2023 -

Jaroslav Dušek: Four agreements (Olomouc)

Theatrical performance

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Latest recordings

3 Lydi (2021): 1981. Digital album available at Bandcamp

Re-release of a remastered collection of songs by 3 Lydi, recorded in 1981 and released on CD privately in 2001.

DVOULETÁ FÁMA (2021): Live At Chmelnice (November 20, 1982). Self-released on Bandcamp

Digital album

VIZITA THEATRE (2021): Everybody wins, or Birthday celebration. Recoding from Kampa Theatre. Available online via Starmax, GoOut and Dramox. At

V den 60. narozenin Jaroslava Duška bude online přístupný nejnovější improvizační počin aktérů Divadla Vizita. Jaroslav Dušek, Pjér la Šéz' a Zdeněk Konopásek se před pár týdny sešli na jevišti Divadla Kampa, aby společně oslavili narozeniny Pjéra la Šéz'e.

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