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2023- ::::

Plato: The apology of Socrates

Theatrical performance of a classical philosophical text.

A theatrical performance that was conceived as a live performance of an audiobook published in 2023 by Filosofia (Prague). The role of Socrates is played by Jaroslav Dušek, the part of Melêtus is usually read by Daniel Šváb, the Athenian people are performed by Zdeněk Konopásek on an acoustic drum set. Conception and adaptation of the translation by Jaroslav Ludvíkovský: Petr Šourek.

2013- ::::

Drums and cymbals (ZK solo)

Free improvisation on accoustic drum set.

Since 2013, I occasionally do solo drumming. It is not a kind of exhibition of player's skills, but rather complex free improvisations emphasizing the beauty of sound of accoustic drum set.

2008- ::::

Jaroslav Dušek: Four agreements/The fifth agreement

Theatrical performance of Jaroslav Dušek. Also participating: Pjér Lašéz - vocals, guitars, author of songs; Zdeněk Konopásek - drums, trumpets, percussions (as guest); Viktor Zborník - lights.

Theatrical performances inspired by the books of the same titles written by Don Miguel Ruiz. Four agreements has been a successful piece for several years, part of the program list of the club Lavka (Praha). Dušek is accompanied by Pjér Lašéz (guitars, vocals) and Alan Vitouš (percussions), light design by Viktor Zborník. Old Toltec wisdoms are played out and exemplified by everyday life situations, especially related to child education. Since 2008 I occasionally participate as guest in these performances, alternating Alan Vitouš during gigs outside Prague, often planned as joint gigs with the Vizita improvised shows (where I play regularly).

2015-2018 ::::

Dance sessions: Smeykal & Konopásek

Didgeridoo and drums, free improvisation.

In 2015-2018, I played together with Ondrej Smeykal, one of the most brilliant and widely celebrated players on didgeridoo. Characteristically we play one piece from start to end, but in "waves", gently, but also wild, not only for listening but especiall for dancing and moving, a plethora of rhythms and sounds intended as something almost therapeutic and cathartic.

2011-2017 ::::

Široko-daleko [Far and near]

(Post)rock band: Jan Prokop - vocals, lyrics, guitars; Jindra Tolar - guitars, trumpet; Michal Fejt - tenorsax, clarinet; Zdeněk Konopásek - drums and cymbals.

Originally, Široko-daleko [Far and near] was a two-person project of Jan Prokop and Jindra (Henry) Tolar - both coming from a rock band Fish Flesh Field & Henry Dollar based in Karlovy Vary (my birth town). They became known for slow, melancholic and minimalistic songs, occasionally echoing the work of Oldrich Janota. I joined the line-up after a jam weekend, which took place at Jan Prokop's home in autumn 2010. We had the first concert in January 2011, in the Paderewski club in Karlovy Vary. We enjoyed playing together and thought it should not be our last performance.
Facebook: http://cs-cz.facebook.com/pages/Široko-Daleko/270579479656977

1997-2000 / 2009 ::::

Duo Profesores

In 1997-2000, the band consisting of: Pjér Lašéz - vocals, bass, lyrics; Zdeněk Konopásek - drums; Tomáš Havlík (Mr. Giss) - keyboards (since 1999?); Petr Mareš (Berous) - guitar (also since 1999?).

A band that came to existence when I and Pjer Lasez started rehearsing as bass and drums duo. We were old friends, but in 1984-97 we hardly see each other - Pjer had written some lyrics for songs of Dvouletá fáma and in 1984 we shortly considered musical collaboration. After we started playing together in 1997, two other players subsequently joined us, so that our final recording was made under the title Duo Profesores, Mr. Giss, and one guitar, please. No live performances, only one CD-R full of funny songs and appearance in a weird TV series by Jaroslav Dušek called Dokoláč (broadcasted around 2000).

2002-2005 ::::


Alternative rock band: Vladimír Línek - vocals, keyboards (leader); Tomáš Vodňanský - guitar; Jiří Jelínek - sax; Jarda Kašpar - bass; Zdeněk Konopásek - drums.

I joined the group soon after its start in 2002. We played nice songs written by the poet and band leader Vladimír Línek, a big admirer of Oldřich Janota, but also of such diverse artists as Tom Waits or Jon Anderson from Yes. A number of concerts and two demo CD-Rs left behind this band. In 2005 Tomáš Vodňanský left for one year, travelling abroad, and we stopped playing. It was the same time when Kvartet Dr. Konopného [Dr. Konopny Quartet], which I enjoyed very much, started preparation for recording CD.

1989-1990 / 1996-1997 ::::

Oldřich Janota

Collaboration with Oldřich Janota, Czech songwriter and musician, minimalist guitarist and poet

In 1989-90 and then in 1996-97 I collaborated with Oldřich Janota. I played drums & percussions as well as trumpets on his two records (Oldřich Janota, Panton 1990; Sešité, Indies Records 1987) and occasonally performed at a couple of concerts with him.

1984-1987 ::::

Pavel Richter and related musicians

Musical collaboration with guitar player Pavel Richter (one of the legends of the Czech alternative scene) and his friends

In the mid of 1980s I participated in some projects of the Czech guitarist (actually, multiinstrumentalist), Pavel Richter and of some other related musicians. I met Pavel Richter when he was helping us as sound engineer and producer during recording sessions of Dvouletá fáma, my first Prague-based band. After Dvouletá fáma (its first incarnation) splitted up, I spent several years by doing music at home and by occasional collaborations, such as: recording music of Pavel Richter and Pavel Švec for theatrical version of The Hobbit, there and back again (dir. by Ctibor Turba in 1984); recording sessions with Pavel Richter and friends; as guest-drummer, playing occasionally with bands such as Vyšší populár (Luboš Fidler, Franta Skála, Lesik Hajdovský and others) and Zapomenutý orchestr země snivců (Jaroslav Kořán and others).

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21. 8. 2024 -

Jaroslav Dušek: The fifth agreement (Voděrádky)

Theatrical performance

22. 8. 2024 -

Jaroslav Dušek: Four agreements (Frenštát)

Theatrical performance

23. 8. 2024 -

Jaroslav Dušek: The fifth agreement (Frenštát)

Theatrical performance

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