Recordings with other bands and line-ups

Zátory (2011): Zátory. CD. Polí5 [EPP 027-2]

Zátory, the least known legend of music rooted deeply in 1970's, but performed in the midst of the first decade of the millennium. The band was headed by Vladimír Línek, the veteran of alternative music, who has, among others, collaborated with Mikoláš Chadima. This is a post-mortem compilation of home-recorded songs.

Zátory (2004): Dubeček - Domáč. CD. Self released

Home demo recorded in Dubeček near Praha. [audio samples here]

RICHTER, P. (2003): Richtig music. 2CD. Indies Records [MAM-202]

"With this double album of previously unreleased Pavel Richter home recordings, Indies is paying one of many publishing debts. After the break-up of the legendary band Svehlik in 1983, Richter (who is above all a guitarist and composer, but also plays keyboards, clarinet and electronic instruments and has an interesting singing voice), together with his follow traveller Lubos Fidler and the folk-orientated musician Oldrich Janota, formed a group called High Fidelity (or Dzafiri), combining folk with minimalist sound experiments, put in a brief appearance on the first Dunaj album (Iva Bittova and Dunaj, Panton 1988) and finally formed his own Richter Band. The total number of groups in which he has played and still plays is, however, much greater, The booklet of the present collections lists them in alphabetical order: Amalgam, Dunaj, Elektrobus, Guru Band, Janota-Fidler-Richter, Richter Band, Sanctus Musicus, Svehlik, and Wooden Toys. For completeness we might here add groups not represented on the double album, i.e. Stehlik, F. O. K., Chadima's group Fimfarum or the Forgotten Orchestra of the Land of Dreamers, And the title of the collection? It is also the name of Richer's private publishing company." (Peter Ferenc) [audio samples here]

DUO PROFESORES, Mistr Giss & 1 Guitár Plís (2000): Zjevení pravd [Revealing the truths]. CD. Self-released

The band Duo Profesores appeared in a six-parts TV show Dokoláč by Jaroslav Dušek, Pjér Lašéz and Martin Krejčí (ČT2, April-May 2000). A kind of soundtrack, including some other songs, is available on this home-made CD with the title Revealing the truths. Many songs on this album were, in fact, results of improvisation on site. [audio samples here]

OLDŘICH JANOTA (1997): Sešité. CD, Indies Records [MAM024-2]


I participated on this another album of Oldřich Janota with my drum-playing and with trumpets, together with Veronika Hánová (viola, voice) and Luboš Fidler (piano). [audio samples here]

OLDŘICH JANOTA (1990): Oldřich Janota. LP, Panton [81 0961]


The first officially released album of Oldřich Janota, Czech poet and guitarist. A remastered and extended version was released in 1996. I played drums, percussions and trumpets as well as participated in some musical preparations. We had a couple of home preparatory sessions and then recorded the album in Bratislava Opus Studios, the only digital studios in Czechoslovakia of the time. Final mastering was taking place during the revolutionary weeks of 1989. [audio samples here]

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