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V/A (2014): Hody hody chorovody (His Voice Sampler). CD. Hudební informační středisko o.p.s.

"Four years after Znění z mezí here comes Hody hody chorovody, another editoral compilation of what has recently drawn our attention from the fragmented Czech scene of experimental and alternative music" (HIS Voice 6/2013, p. 4).

Zátory (2011): Zátory. CD. Polí5 [EPP 027-2]

Zátory, the least known legend of music rooted deeply in 1970's, but performed in the midst of the first decade of the millennium. The band was headed by Vladimír Línek, the veteran of alternative music, who has, among others, collaborated with Mikoláš Chadima. This is a post-mortem compilation of home-recorded songs.

V/A (2009): For Semafor. CD. Klíče [key01]

Petr Nikl, Jaroslav Dušek or Tata Bojs took the challenge to record coverversions of unageing songs from the work of Prague's theatre Semafor. The result is a CD entitled "For Semafor", which brings the hits by Jiří Suchý and Jiří Šlitr into the 21st century. The album has been released to celebrate 50th anniversary of this legendary theatrical scene. Besides cold electronic, the album offers garrage rock sound as well as accoustic blues, genuine hits as well as less known songs." (Source: (My favourite coverversions from this CD are by Dva, OTK, Jan Štolba Band)

KVARTET DR. KONOPNÉHO (2006): Skrývám se, ale nikdo mě nehledá (2CD) [I am hiding, but nobody is looking for me]. Guerilla Records [GR 038-2]


"Kvartet Dr. Konopného [Dr. Konopny Quartet] is considered as a legend of the Czech alternative scene. Surrealist-dadaist visions of Radomil Uhlir (voice, lyrics) are presented in an original, wild way, accompanied by weird musica improvisations. Some say it is the craziest Czech band ever. And that is also why Guerilla records releases this album! The double CD "Skrývám se, ale nikdo mě nehledá" [I am hiding but nobody is looking for me] contains two silver discs - an archival one "Kosmický pesimismus" [Cosmic pesimism] (74:46 min.) and the present lineup of the band on "Stíny bojovníků" [Shadows of warriors] (76:15 min.). The album offers a lot of music, so your joy may last long..." (freely translated from: [audio samples here]

Zátory (2004): Dubeček - Domáč. CD. Self released

Home demo recorded in Dubeček near Praha. [audio samples here]

RICHTER, P. (2003): Richtig music. 2CD. Indies Records [MAM-202]

"With this double album of previously unreleased Pavel Richter home recordings, Indies is paying one of many publishing debts. After the break-up of the legendary band Svehlik in 1983, Richter (who is above all a guitarist and composer, but also plays keyboards, clarinet and electronic instruments and has an interesting singing voice), together with his follow traveller Lubos Fidler and the folk-orientated musician Oldrich Janota, formed a group called High Fidelity (or Dzafiri), combining folk with minimalist sound experiments, put in a brief appearance on the first Dunaj album (Iva Bittova and Dunaj, Panton 1988) and finally formed his own Richter Band. The total number of groups in which he has played and still plays is, however, much greater, The booklet of the present collections lists them in alphabetical order: Amalgam, Dunaj, Elektrobus, Guru Band, Janota-Fidler-Richter, Richter Band, Sanctus Musicus, Svehlik, and Wooden Toys. For completeness we might here add groups not represented on the double album, i.e. Stehlik, F. O. K., Chadima's group Fimfarum or the Forgotten Orchestra of the Land of Dreamers, And the title of the collection? It is also the name of Richer's private publishing company." (Peter Ferenc) [audio samples here]

V/A (2002): Black Point sampler 2001. CD. Black Point [BP01322]

The sampler brings an overview of what was released by the Black Point label in the previous year.

3 Lydi (2001): 3 Lydi 1980-1981. CD. Self-released by Milan Voříšek

Home recordings made with poor equipment, representing the best and final period of this band, Spring 1981. [audio samples here]

V/A (2001): Black Point totality sampler. CD. Black Point [BP 0128-2]

The sampler brings an overview of what was produced in the Czech part of the communist Czechoslovakia by alternative and underground rock bands.

DVOULETÁ FÁMA (2001): Studio 1983/Live 1988 (2CD). Black Point [BP-0012-2]



"This 2-CD set collects a self-released studio tape from 1983, Dvouletá Fáma's sole album, and two concerts from 1988. The bands featured on the two discs are very different and barely deserve the same name. In 1983, Dvouletá Fáma was the quartet of Zdenek Konopásek (drums), Martin Vik (guitar), Jana Machácková (vocals) and Ivan Benda (bass). They played complicated new-wave pop songs that stood somewhere between Talking Heads, Pere Ubu, and the Art Bears. The studio 1983 CD bristle with quirkiness and charm. Vik's twangy out-of-tune guitar is a perfect match for Machácková's playful vocal delivery (some may be reminded of After Dinner's Haco). More challenging but still very interesting, the live 1988 disc is a very different affair. Only Konopásek and Vik remain of the original line-up. During the first 14 tracks (recorded on June 12, 1988) they perform as a trio with poet/actor Radomil Uhlír. The last six tracks (date unspecified but obviously a few months later) also feature bassist Josef Ferda Matousek. These pieces inhabit much darker realms, include a lot of improvisation and are dominated by Uhlír's theatrical (and often absurd) recitation. While the non-Czech speaking listener can thoroughly enjoy disc 1, one has the clear impression to miss a crucial dimension in the second one. It still has its moments and from the general mood it draws comparisons with Mikolás Chadima's MCH Band. The tapes have been beautifully remastered for this edition, making Studio 1983 & Live 1988 more rewarding than much of Black Point's other Archiv titles." François Couture, All-Music Guide [audio samples here]

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