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I listen to music, various kinds of music, with pleasure and often. I prefer less conventional musical forms, although some of my most favourite recordings can be classified as pop music. I like experiments and improvisation - but I also think that listening to music should involve, above all, a simple acoustical enjoyment and excitement (and not, for instance, an intellectual achievement) - but of course, aesthetic values cannot be taken for granted, cultivating one's taste involves active effort and long-time musical experience. I like borders between genres are crossed, when music is played enthusiastically and when the dividing line between composers and creators of music on one hand and musicians on the other is not strict. That is also why I often cannot find a way to much of contemporary classical music, when it often happens that the interpreters play music they simply do not believe. There is plenty of music I occasionally like to listen, but do not actively haunt for (or only very selectively): jazz fusion, classic music, house...

My favourites recruit from pop, progressive and classical rock, alternative, certain areas of contemporary jazz (or post-jazz), and experimental music. So, for instance: 5uu's, After Dinner, Derek Bailey, Captain Beefheart, Elvis Costello, Bob Drake, Fred Frith, Joe Jackson, Led Zeppelin, Magma, Albert Marcoeur, John Parish, The Scorch Trio, Skeleton Crew, Thinking Plague, Wha-ha-ha, Robert Wyatt, The Young Gods or some recordings of Frank Zappa. Being a drummer, I pay special attention to other drummers, such as Jim Black (AlasNoAxis, Tyft and many others), Terry Bozzio (Frank Zappa, solo), John French (with the Magic Band of Captain Beefheart), Shoji Hano (solo and in collaborations), Charles Hayward (mainly with This Heat, but also solo and elsewhere), John Hollenbeck (The Claudia Quintet), Paal Nilssen-Love (esp. with Scorch Trio), Tatsuya Yoshida (solo and countless collaborative projects)...

In the lists of this section, my all-time favourites are included, as well as discoveries for individual years (not necessarily recordings released in the same year, but records I personally discovered). There is not big system in the lists. Basically, it can be understood as a specific genre of musical blog.

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Closest events/performances

29. 10. 2020 -

Divadlo Vizita (Praha) - CANCELLED

Improvised performance, Archa Theatre, Na porici 26, Praha 1. 8pm.

30. 10. 2020 -

Divadlo Vizita (Praha) - CANCELLED

Improvised performance, Archa Theatre, Na porici 26, Praha 1. 8pm.

12. 11. 2020 -

Jaroslav Dušek: Four agreements (Litomyšl)

Theatrical performance

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Latest publications/recordings

DVOULETÁ FÁMA (2020): Z dálky mává kohout piv (Live At Chmelnice, 23.3. 1989). Guerilla Records [GR 159-2]

CD - digipack + booklet

V/A (2014): Hody hody chorovody (His Voice Sampler). CD. Hudební informační středisko o.p.s.

Nightbird (Fidler & Konopásek): His voice (track no. 10, 13:22)

Zátory (2011): Zátory. CD. Polí5 [EPP 027-2]

A collection of songs recorded by the band Zátory in 2004-5.

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