Disc(overie)s of 2008

Jiří Konvrzek: Pod Řípem
2000, Indies [MAM139-2]
I met Konvrzek as a musician, when our bands accidentaly played together during one night somewhere in North-Eastern Bohemia. Then I managed to get this album and immediately fell in love with his music and lyrics. One wonders that it had been completely unkown to me for all the previous years. Konvrzek plays all the instruments, some of them bizzare and home-made, and sings funny, bluesy songs with beautiful lyrics. Recommended.
Fond Of Tigers: Release the saviours
2007, Drip Audio [DA00239]
Keiji Haino & Tatsuya Yoshida: Hauenfiomiume
2008, Magaibutsu [MGC-34]
Scorch Trio: Luggumt
2004, Rune Grammofon [RCD 2040]
Mats/Morgan Band: On air with guests
2002, Ultimate Audio Entertainment [UAE Disc 15]
Dirty Projectors: Rise above
2007, Dead Oceans [DOC001]
Bon Iver: For Emma, forever ago
2008, 4AD, Jagjaguwar [CAD 2809CD, CAD 2809CD]
Hank Roberts with Marc Ducret & Jim Black: Green
2008, Winter & Winter [910 131-2]
Fragile, gentle and warm music with beautiful sound. Hank Roberts: cello, voice, guitar; Marc Ducret: electric and acoustic guitars; Jim Black: drums and electronics (my favourite drummer). See review on Allaboutjazz.com at http://www.allaboutjazz.com/php/article.php?id=29801.
Elephant9: DodoVoodoo
2008, Rune Grammofon [RCD 2075CD]

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27. 7. 2020 -

Divadlo Vizita (Praha)

Improvised performance, Archa Theatre, Na porici 26, Praha 1. 8pm.

29. 7. 2020 -

Jaroslav Dušek: Four agreements (Olomouc)

Theatrical performance

30. 7. 2020 -

Jaroslav Dušek: The fifth agreement (Olomouc)

Theatrical performance

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Latest publications/recordings

DVOULETÁ FÁMA (2020): Z dálky mává kohout piv (Live At Chmelnice, 23.3. 1989). Guerilla Records [GR 159-2]

CD - digipack + booklet

V/A (2014): Hody hody chorovody (His Voice Sampler). CD. Hudební informační středisko o.p.s.

Nightbird (Fidler & Konopásek): His voice (track no. 10, 13:22)

Zátory (2011): Zátory. CD. Polí5 [EPP 027-2]

A collection of songs recorded by the band Zátory in 2004-5.

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