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Jaroslav Riedel: Zdeněk Konopásek, Dvouletá fáma
UNI (7/2017)

"I když byly technické podmínky skromné – nahrávalo se na dva obyčejné magnetofony Tesla B 73 – Dvouleté fáma dokázala nabídnutou možnost velmi efektivně využít: třeba zdvojování kytar celkový zvuk velmi obohatilo. Skupina vždy dbala na propracovanost detailů, tvořila hudbu plnou kontrastů, která prostě potřebuje pečlivou producentskou přípravu." (in Czech only)

10 + 0 = Míra Wanek (Už jsme doma)
Music server

"Dvouletá fáma tohoto ranného období je unikátní. Svojí hráčskou schopností, smysluplnými dada texty, zpěvem bez přetvářky a póz, hudbou o míle napřed před zbylými kapelami té doby. Věřím jim každý tón." (in Czech only)

Petr Slabý on the performance together with Štěpán Pečírka in Pracovna
Noční pták: 19. 3. 2015, Pracovna, Praha (, 5/2015)

(in Czech only)

Tomáš Hrbek writes about Noční pták in his report
Brněnský klub Boro opět dějištěm festiválku Lefrvesáns [Boro club in Brno once more hosted the festival Lefrvesans] (, 13.5. 2014)

(in Czech only)

Dušek hlásí nástup do mozků aneb další výlet do světa improvizace [Dušek announces accession to our brains, or another journey to the realm of improvisation], 20.3.2013 / Tereza Pavelcová (review of "Samota, půl zdraví" by Divadlo Vizita, 19. 3. 2013 in Archa Theatre, Praha)
Maxim Remitenda: Zátory/Zátory (album review)
Article at (13. 06. 2012, 19:00:53) (in Czech)
An interview about Dvouletá fáma and Nightbird for the RockRadio Šumava
9pm with Princ

Inteviewed by Milan Prince on the RockRadio Šumava, I talk about my musical projects: 3 lydi, Dr. Konopný Quartet, and above all about Dvouletá fáma and Noční pták. An hour-long broadcast with musical illustrations.

Dvouletá Fáma
Post-Punk Oddities (last visited 13. 2. 2012)

"Wonderful meta-post-jazz band from the Czech republic, that mixed obscure rhythmicalities and bizarre vocals and words."

Víťa Škorpil: Noční pták [Nightbird]
A commentary (February 2012) (in Czech) (last visited 13. 2. 2012)
Antonín Kocábek: Oprášený selský rozum i raritka ze šuplíku [Common sense dusted off and a rarity out of the drawer]
Article in Tý (11.09.2011 13:30) (in Czech)
Včerejší drobky [Yesterday's pieces]
thalina reflects by three pieces of poetry the performance by Jan Štolba and Zdeněk Konopásek in Most (2009), Písmák (in Czech)
Žně v Polí 5 [Harvest in Polí 5]
Article in the HisVoice journal, by Josef Jindrák (in Czech)
Dvouletá Fáma: "Studio 1983 + Live 1988" (2001)
Rock Progresivo De Todo El Mundo, 4. května 2011, Kobaïan (Spanish)

Google Translator says: "In the plane there is a space Czech broken RIOdimensional which contains one of the most unhealthy and opposing bands, a very distorted and perverse nature that only they can put the same bag that pioneering genius The Plastic People Of The Universe and MCH Band. And just as this pair of monsters, Dvouletá Fame were repressed by the communist regime and had little opportunity to record their only studio album. Fortunately, the record label Black Point was able to pick from oblivion this study material and have thrown in the collection, along with a direct audio quality. The band underwent lineup changes after their first album, and took great advantage of this as the direct change in some direction, starting with the generation of slow and reflective dark environments, manic vocals, regular use of low and no equivalence between instruments, without centralizing on guitar. Direct experience with this is even more unhappy and uneasy in the study, where nearly every element filter on the avant-punk, new wave or noise to advance to the murky channels of pure art. A notable change that gives freshness and authenticity is the good use of keyboard, although complementary, interesting sounds come from there as an 8-bit (like video game music of his time). Under study are the six strings that dominate the entire disc, but do so in a stunning, powerful and ultra-fast riffs, dirty sounds of order Noise-rock, high notes of tradition uniquely RIO and selected movements optimistas-punk/new wave. Here the voice is pseudo-child moments and pseudo-opera, but nothing to do with the male singing Live 1988. Since I am not licensed to prescribe an antibiotic to counter the virulent and chronic effects of this pair of discs, at least warn that it takes some training value and enjoy them, as before will have to strengthen the white blood cells and exercise the ear. If this is the case then Czech, starting with the most basic level, it might be a good start to hear some of the pioneers, or more recently as OZW, or PSI Doma Uz JSME Vojáci that are like 90% more audible and catchy-tic infections. Those who already have experience in these Czech-adventures, move on with confidence and chew ezquizofrenia irreverence of these unhealthy.

Dvouletá fáma – Live 1988
Review on VPodzemVěř, October 22, 2009, 14:19, by mihal (in Czech)

"The band, with the singer in front, run like wild beasts and one may think whether these people were in jail under the communist regime and for how long...." (No, we fortunately spent no time in prison, dear Mihal, but it is good to hear that something like this came to your mind while listening to the music :))

CD DVD: Skrývám se, ale nikdo mě nehledá
Vojtěch Varyš, A2 (15/2007), CD review (in Czech only)
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Zátory (2011): Zátory. CD. Polí5 [EPP 027-2]

A collection of songs recorded by the band Zátory in 2004-5.

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