Social policy: book chapters

KONOPÁSEK, Z. (1995): Dvě adresy a tři pilíře sociálního zabezpečení [Two targets and three pillars of social security]. In: P. Mareš, ed.: O chudobě v české a slovenské společnosti [On poverty in the Czech and Slovak societies]. Brno: Masarykova univerzita. Pp. 27-38



KONOPÁSEK, Z. (1994): Welfare mix on the way to welfare universalism: Socialist and non-socialist institutional regimes. In: O. Czúcz, ed.: Social protection for countries in transition from planned to market economy. Szeged: JATE Press. Pp. 151-167


KONOPÁSEK, Z. (1992): From reform to rescue: Social policy in Czechoslovakia in 1990 - programs, scripts and documents. In: B. Greve, ed.: Social policy in Europe: Latest evolution and perspectives for the future. Copenhagen: DNISR. Pp. 137-152



KONOPÁSEK, Z. (1992): Escape from state socialism: Which way? In: B. Deacon, ed.: Social policy, social justice and citizenship in Eastern Europe. Aldershot: Avebury. Pp. 246-264



KONOPÁSEK, Z. (1990): Od paternalismu k participaci [From paternalism to participation]. In: Dítě a stát. Praha: VÚSRP. Pp. 48-62



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