Auto/biography: books and edited monographs

KONOPÁSEK, Z., ed. (2000): Our lives as database: Doing a sociology of ourselves - Czech social transitions in autobiographical research dialogues. Praha: Karolinum. 302 p.



KONOPÁSEK, Z., ed. (1999): Otevřená minulost: autobiografická sociologie státního socialismu [Open past: An autobiographical sociology of state socialism]. Praha: Karolinum. 373 p.



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18. 8. 2020 -

"Bad things" and the politics of being critical - cancelled

Paper intended for the EASST+4S conference, Prague, August 18-21, 2020; after the organizers announced that the conference would take place in a virtual, corona-virus-free space, i.e. completely online, I cancelled my participation

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