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KONOPÁSEK, Z. (1999): Reflexivní autobiografie: interpretací post/komunistického Východu k porozumění post/modernímu Západu [Reflexive autobiographies: Interpreting the postcommunist East - understanding the postmodern West]. In: Z. Konopásek, ed.: Otevřená minulost: autobiografická sociologie státního socialismu. Praha: Karolinum. Pp. 353-369



KONOPÁSEK, Z. (1999): Sociologie babičkou (po dvou letech) [Grandma sociology: Two years after]. In: Z. Konopásek, ed.: Otevřená minulost: autobiografická sociologie státního socialismu. Praha: Karolinum. Pp. 217-251



KONOPÁSEK, Z., ed. (1999): Otevřená minulost: autobiografická sociologie státního socialismu [Open past: An autobiographical sociology of state socialism]. Praha: Karolinum. 373 p.



ANDRLE, V. (1996): Muži na svém místě: legitimizační témata v autobiografickém vyprávění elitních podnikatelů s minulostí "starých struktur" [Men in the right place: Legitimation themes in the autobiographical talk of elite businessmen with 'old structure' pasts]. Biograf Bulletin, (6): 17-27 - translated by Zdeněk Konopásek


Based on a business élite subsample of biographical interviews, the article explores the ways in which respondents who had had high executive positions in the communist state sought to imbue that fact as well as their post-revolutionary wealth acquisition with a sense of post-revolutionary legitimacy. a) They dissociated themselves from the communist regime by claiming that oppressive power was located in other offices than the ones they occupied; b) they presented their careers as ones which enabled them to accumulate expertise relevant to doing well in the market economy; c) they presented themselves as ancestrally linked to the first-republic bourgoisie and personally connected with the current (supposedly liberal-democratic) government; d) they drew on the collective memory of previous revolutions to dismiss their militant critics.

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