Power and politics: book chapters

KONOPÁSEK, Z. & ŘÍHA, C. (2024): Letáčky [Leaflets]. In: E. Fulínová & A. Kvíčalová, ed: Antropocennosti: Malý průvodce světem antropocénu [Matters of Anthropocene: A small guide to the world of Anthropocene]. Praha: Academia. Pp. 73-83

The leaflets of the PLA are not an Anthropocene icon, but they tell us about this phenomenon. They show that we are not only living in a time of destruction of nature, landscapes and cultural monuments, but also of unprecedented protection measures. It is not just a matter of action and reaction. It is not just the number of protected specimens and sites that is expanding, but also the types of things that are being protected. At the same time, the question of what we are actually protecting and from whom is becoming more urgent. The Anthropocene is not only the physical state of the contemporary world, but also the way we talk about it. Its characteristics include both the fact that we increasingly think of it in general terms, in terms of protection and regulation, and what specifically is the focus of this protection.

POKORNÝ, P. & KONOPÁSEK, Z. (2020): We are all in the thick of it: A dialogue about climate change science, politics and activism. In: A. Vondra, ed: Must environmentalism be alarmist? Searching for realistic answers. Brno: Books & Pipes. Pp. 27-69

Two colleagues, paleoecologist and sociologist, talk about broader contexts of scientific doubting about contemporary climate policies.

POKORNÝ, P. & KONOPÁSEK, Z. (2020): Lítáme v tom: Dialog o klimatu na pomezí vědy, politiky a aktivismu [We're in: Climate dialogue at the edge of science, politics, and activism]. In: A. Vondra, ed: Musí být ekologie alarmistická? Hledání realistických odpovědí [Does ecology have to be alarmist? Finding realistic answers]. Brno: Books & Pipes. Pp. 67-105


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KONOPÁSEK, Z. (2000): Reflexive autobiographies: Interpreting the East - understanding the West. In: Z. Konopásek, ed.: Our lives as database: Doing a sociology of ourselves - Czech social transitions in autobiographical research dialogues. Praha: Karolinum (Charles University Press). Pp. 281-298



KONOPÁSEK, Z. (1999): Reflexivní autobiografie: interpretací post/komunistického Východu k porozumění post/modernímu Západu [Reflexive autobiographies: Interpreting the postcommunist East - understanding the postmodern West]. In: Z. Konopásek, ed.: Otevřená minulost: autobiografická sociologie státního socialismu. Praha: Karolinum. Pp. 353-369



KONOPÁSEK, Z. (1999): Sociologie babičkou (po dvou letech) [Grandma sociology: Two years after]. In: Z. Konopásek, ed.: Otevřená minulost: autobiografická sociologie státního socialismu. Praha: Karolinum. Pp. 217-251



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