Power and politics: courses taught

PhD courses

2001-2005; 2014-2018 ::::

Tuesday PhD seminars

Research workshop for PhD students

These PhD seminar meetings were informal workshops taking place each 2 weeks, according to an agreed schedule. They were intended for invited PhD students interested in STS or related approaches to social study (ANT). Meetings have the form of "collective consultations": we discuss projects, partial analyses, drafts of papers or chapters, and related scientific literature. (During Autumn 2014 the seminar was organized as joint meetings with PhD students of Tereza Stöckelová.)

MA courses

2005-2014 ::::

Science, technology, and politics

MA programme in sociology, Faculty of Social Studies at the Masaryk University in Brno; code SOC400, 10 credits (autumne semesters)

The main objectives are: 1) to provide an introduction to contemporary science and technology studies; 2) to map more general sociological consequences and key topics of this research field; and 3) to explain basic principles of actor-network theory. After having discussed constructivism and deconstruction, the problem of reflexivity, and the linguistic turn in the social sciences, a contextualised history of sociology of science (and technology) will be debated (Merton, the strong programme of David Bloor, ethnographies of laboratory life and studies of scientific controversies etc.). Special attention will be paid to actor-network theory, an approach gaining importance within contemporary social sciences in general (Bruno Latour, Michel Callon, John Law and others). The final set of lectures will discuss a number of empirical examples focusing on the relationship between democratic decision making and scientific expertise.

BA courses

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Latest publications/recordings

KONOPÁSEK, Z. (2023 - in press): Globální uhlíková daň ladem ležící: K politickému rozměru tzv. nepolitických řešení [A Global Carbon Tax Idling: Towards the Political Dimension of So-Called Non-Political Solutions]. Vesmír, 102


NELSON, Nicole C. / TIMMERMANS, Stefan / WARWICK, Andrew / KONOPÁSEK, Zdeněk / VANCE, Russell E / KUO, Wen-Hua (2023): On first reading Bruno Latour. Social Studies of Science, 53 (2): 174-179


KONOPÁSEK, Z. / MARŠÁLEK, J. (2023): Se sociology v zádech: laboratoře, texty, teorie [Sociologists in the scientists' back: Laboratories, texts, theories]. Československý časopis pro fyziku, 73 (2): 102-106

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