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An overview of what I have written and published (as sociologist) or recorded and released (as musician). Simply, all public "outputs" of my work. When technically feasible and legally possible, I will add full texts and, in respective parts of the musical section of this web, musical samples in mp3.
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KONOPÁSEK, Z. (2022): Religion in action: How Marian apparitions may become true. HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory, 12 (1): 170–183


According to Latour, religion and science have nothing in common. The two are successful (or failing) in quite different ways. Religiousness is not aimed at fact-making, but at presence-making, he says. To critically reconsider these ideas, I discuss the case study of Marian apparitions in Litmanová. The study suggests a more complicated picture by not focusing on pure and ready-made religion, but rather on religion in the making, a kind of “almost-religion.” It shows how the reality of apparitions, initially of quite unclear status, was becoming more and more religious. Fact-making and fact-checking clearly belonged to this trajectory and have never stopped being relevant. Nonethless, together with how the apparition was progressively becoming truly religious (or religiously true), Latourian presence-making was gaining in importance.

KONOPÁSEK, Z. (2021): Konec hermeneutiky? Atlas.ti, verze devátá. [The end of hermeneutics? Atlas.ti, version 9]. Biograf, 73-74: 233-246

It is argued that the new version of this software package for qualitative analysis continues in a problematic direction (taken already in version 8). Despite claims about improved workflow, the program interface remains confusing and difficult to use. It requires too many clicks, its setting options are almost zero (impossible to define window background colours, completely missing network views options). Above all, however, it turns out that some of the program capabilities lost with the transition to version 8 in 2016 have not come back (yet). Even after five years, despite original promises, the program does not allow synchronized work with sound recordings and their transcripts (Windows version). What a shame. I also show that the program gradually weakens the emphasis on hermeneutic work with text (various modes of reading and writing) in favor of the easiest possible text encoding. It happens by means of subtle details in respective procedures. As a result, Atlas.ti (projects of which were once called “hermeneutic units”) loses its former uniqueness among other CAQDAS programs.

3 Lydi (2021): 1981. Digital album available at Bandcamp

Home recordings made with poor equipment in Spring and Summer 1981. [audio samples here]

DRÁPAL, V. / KONOPÁSEK, Z. (2021): Zdeněk Konopásek Doktor Konopný (an interview of Vladimír Drápal with Zdeněk Konopásek). Magazín UNI, 12/2021. Available at:

Interview conducted by Vladimír "Lábus" Drápal from Guerilla Records - mainly about the band Dvouletá fáma (established exactly 40 years ago), but also about other musical projects of Zdeněk Konopásek.

ŘÍHA, C. / KONOPÁSEK, Z. / PRACH, J. / OBERMAJER, J. (2021): Jak stavět v CHKO: Od předpisu k praxi [Construction activities in Protected Landscape Areas: From legislation to practice]. Ochrana přírody, 76 (4): 41-45. Available at (in Czech):


The mission of protected landscape areas (PLA) is not only to protect nature, but also to preserve the values of the landscape. Landscape is affected, among others, by the appearance of settlements. It is therefore a matter of regulating the construction and development of municipalities in such a way that local historical and cultural habits are respected. In short, the landscape should keep the local feel, which is comfortable for both residents and visitors. The question remains how to serve this public interest most effectively and at the same time so that the regulation is seen as a welcome service of the state. The article marks the first phase of an applied research project in which we, a team of sociologists, urban planners, architects and conservationists, are interested in "how decision-making is made," i.e., the trajectory from prescription to application in practice, and how to improve the status quo.

DVOULETÁ FÁMA (2021): Live At Chmelnice (November 20, 1982). Self-released on Bandcamp


"Remastered" and edited recording of a live concert at Junior club Na Chmelnici, November 20, 1982

NOČNÍ PTÁK (2021): Jsem zdráv a daří se mně dobře [I am healthy and things are going well]. Polí5


Material recorded in summer 2019 and recomposed/finalized in 2021.

VIZITA THEATRE (2021): Everybody wins, or Birthday celebration. Recoding from Kampa Theatre. Available online via Starmax, GoOut and Dramox. At


KONOPÁSEK, Z. (2021): Ať spolu vědci dál nesouhlasí - rozhovor se Štěpánem Kučerou [Let us not ask the scientists to speak in a single voice - an interview with Štěpán Kučera]. Právo, Salon, 28. 1. 2021. Available at

In Czech only

KONOPÁSEK, Z. (2017): Lítáme v tom, někteří beznadějně: Odpověď na recenzi Radka Kubaly [We are all in the thick of it: Some of us quite hopelessly]. Zdeněk Konopásek's blog, 22. 12. 2020. Available at

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Fish Flesh Field & Henry $ (Karlovy Vary)

Under the bridge in KV. Jindřich Tolar (voc, guitars), Michal Fejt (voc, bass), Karel "Maso" Koštejn (voc, drums) & Zdeněk Konopásek (drums).

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Zdeněk "Hmyzák" Novák & Zdeněk Konopásek (Černošice)

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Jaroslav Dušek: Four agreements (Velké Karlovice)

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