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An overview of what I have written and published (as sociologist) or recorded and released (as musician). Simply, all public "outputs" of my work. When technically feasible and legally possible, I will add full texts and, in respective parts of the musical section of this web, musical samples in mp3.

ZDENĚK KONOPÁSEK & JAN ŠTOLBA (2024): Protoritual. Polí5

Jan Štolba and Zdeněk Konopásek first played together in Dr. Konopný's Quartet, lead by the actor, performer and the "Last Bohemian" Radomil Uhlíř. Some years later they met at Radomil's funeral, in 2019, and they promised each other to get together again soon. But the meeting didn't take place until 2023. Then, one afternoon in May, they finally gathered in a home studio outside of Prague and started to improvise without any preparation. The session was recorded and this album contains almost everything put down on tape during that musical afternoon.

  • I. 21:56
  • II. 12:38
  • III. 8:44

Released by Polí5, March 07, 2024

Jan Štolba: tenor sax
Zdeněk Konopásek: drum set

Recorded in Zadní Třebaň May 9, 2023.

Mix & master: Adam Kowal, 2024
Cover photo: Jan Štolba

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