Favourite web sites

Selection of links to my favourite websites - those relevant for activities represented on this web site. I do not manage to maintain this section properly, sorry.
Ivan Palacký
Musician, architect, improviser.
http://www.palacky.org/ (last visited 14. 7. 2013)
Thomas Strønen
Another Norwegian drummer, this one playing with a lot of electronics - see my favourite Humcrush.
http://www.thomasstronen.com/ (last visited 10. 8. 2010)
Ondřej Smeykal
Master of didgeridoo.
http://www.smeykal.com/ (last visited 20. 7. 2011)
Paal Nilssen-Love
Norwegian drummer, lots of collaborations, lots of records.
http://www.paalnilssen-love.com/ (last visited 7. 1. 2010)
Dvouletá fáma
The group profile in English (by François Couture, All Music Guide)
"The Czech group Dvouletá Fáma went through two different periods of existence in the 1980s. Trapped in the underground, it seldom performed, recorded rarely, and on the long run had little impact. Yet, the little documents the group left showcase a very original new wave/avant-pop band working in the same vein as Pere Ubu and After Dinner, but in a Czech context..."
Jiří Konvrzek/KonVRZek
Web site of a gnarled songwriter and musician
http://www.konvrzek.cz/ (last visited 30. 11. 2009)
Jiří Konvrzek, multi-instrumentalist and remarkable performer in the Czech alternative scene, performing either as soloist or with the band (KonVRZek), author of characteristic lyrics and melodies. He has recorded two albums, I believe.
Bob Drake
Web site of my favourite multi-instrumentalist, composer and sound engineer
http://www.bdrak.com (last visited 29. 1. 2009)
Bob Drake sang and played drums, basses, guitars, banjos etc. with, among others, Thinking Plague, 5uu's, The Science Group and many others; he participated in a number of musical projects and released a set of remarkable solo rfecords. In his studio, established some years ago in Southern France, he prepared - as sound engineer - an enormous amount of excellent recordings of alternative music. This is how he organizes performances of his current group on his web site: "Currently looking for gigs in the west-southwest-northwest USA: livingrooms, garages, toolsheds, backyards preferred though we'll play regular clubs if that's the only choice..." - isn't it a noble and cute way of pursuing a musician's life?
Pavel Klusák blog
Blog of musical journalist at Respekt.cz - one of the two blogs I keep my eye on
http://klusak.blogspot.com/ (last visited 25. 5. 2010)
Jan Štolba
Web site of the Czech versatile saxophon player
http://www.jan-stolba.eu/ (last visited 29. 1. 2009)
Czech saxophon player, who is as good in alternative free music as in classical jazz, writing music, poetry and art reviews. Today, he is playing his music mainly with Jan Štolba Quartet; outside of jazz, he has played with Oldřich Janota or with the Dr. Konopný Quartet.
Bruno Latour
Personal web site
http://www.bruno-latour.fr (last visited 1. 12. 2007)

Bruno Latour is a French sociologist, philosopher and anthropologist, a leading scholar in Science and Technology Studies (STS). Together with John Law and Michel Callon, he developed actor-network theory, an approach to empirical studies of socio-technical assemblies. He is author of Science in action: How to follow scientists and engineers through society (Open UP, 1987), We have never been modern (Harvard UP, 1993) či Reassembling the social: An introduction to actor-network theory (Oxford UP, 2006). Full texts of many his papers and articles can be found on his website.

Czech and Slovak journal for qualitative research in the social sciences
http://www.biograf.org (last visited 1. 12. 2007)

Czech and Slovak peer-reviewed journal for qualitative research in the social sciences, appearing tri-annually in both paper and online versions. Established in 1994 (originally as Biograf Bulletin), currently published by the civil association Casopis Biograf [The Biograf Journal]. In Biograf, you will find original and translated articles, book reviews, critical exchanges, reports, etc. ISSN 1211-5770.

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Closest events/performances

18. 5. 2024 -

Platón: Sokratova obhajoba [Plato: Defense of Sokrates] (Trnava)

The voice of Sokrates by Jaroslav Dušek, people of Athens performed on drums by Zdeněk Konopásek

19. 5. 2024 -

Platón: Sokratova obhajoba [Plato: Defense of Sokrates] (Bratislava)

The voice of Sokrates by Jaroslav Dušek, people of Athens performed on drums by Zdeněk Konopásek; V klub, 7pm

20. 5. 2024 -

Jaroslav Dušek: The fifth agreement (Plzeň)

Theatrical performance

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Latest publications/recordings

ZDENĚK KONOPÁSEK & JAN ŠTOLBA (2024): Protoritual. Polí5

Digital album

ŽENY & ORKESTAR (2024): Kas​á​rna Karl​í​n. Polí5

Digital album

KONOPÁSEK, Z. & ŘÍHA, C. (2024): Letáčky [Leaflets]. In: E. Fulínová & A. Kvíčalová, ed: Antropocennosti: Malý průvodce světem antropocénu [Matters of Anthropocene: A small guide to the world of Anthropocene]. Praha: Academia. Pp. 73-83

book chapter
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