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17. 11. 2009 :::: The Afro-punk Tour: The Smyrk, CX KiDTRONiK & Tchaka Diallo, Living Colours & Saul Williams (Black Cat, Washington DC, November 1, 2009)
Selection of pictures taken during the night - all bands covered; photographed by ZK, Sony DSC-F717.
14. 6. 2009 :::: "Vajtovy koule" [Vajta's boulles], doublets in petanque (Vojnův Městec, June 13, 2009)
Selection of pictures taken during breaks between my own matches; photographed by ZK, Sony DSC-F717.
6. 6. 2009 :::: The regional qualifying petanque tournament, Czech national championship in triplets (Vojnův Městec, June 6, 2009)
Selection of pictures taken during qualifying matches; photographed by ZK, Sony DSC-F717.
30. 5. 2009 :::: Research trip to Litmanová, the site of Marian apparitions (Eastern Slovakia, April 3-6, 2009)
In April 2009, I and my colleague Jan Paleček visited Litmanová in Eastern Slovakia. Near Litmanová, since 1990, two young girls had been having apparitions of Virgin Mary for subsequent five years; the Greek-Catholic church declared Litmanova as official Marian pilgrimage site. We worked on a case study of these apparitions and all what followed, whithin our research project on apparitions and demonic possessions as practical religious achievements. Pictures by ZK, Sony DSC-F717
12. 4. 2009 :::: Doublets in petanque, The Easter Egg Tournament (Vojnův Městec, April 11 2009)
Selection of pictures taken during breaks between my own matches; pictures by ZK, Sony DSC-F717
14. 3. 2009 :::: Walking on Suché vrchy [Dry hills] (March 14 2009)
Another walk to my favourite places, almost spring; pictures by ZK, Sony DSC-F717
25. 2. 2009 :::: Oosterscheldekering - Dutch water works (September 20, 2008)
During the 4S/EASST conference in Rotterdam, I used the opportunity and participated in a guided tour to the Dutch water works, to its most interesting parts. We were guided by Wiebe Bijker, renowned STS scholar, who has extensively written about this huge technological artifact. Information about this part of the barriers can be found, e.g., here; and here you can look at this place from the air. Pictures taken by ZK, Sony DSC-F717.
22. 2. 2009 :::: Walking on Suché vrchy [Dry hills] (January 4 2009)
Late winter afternoon, my favourite place; pictures taken by ZK, Sony DSC-F717
22. 2. 2009 :::: A trip to Normandy and Bretagne (August-September 2008)
A selection of pictures from my family's holiday trip to Bretagne and Normandy - cathedrals of Amiens, Rouen or Bayeux were impressive but I was most excited about the coast with granite rocks (titles for individual photos will perhaps be added later); pictures taken by ZK, Sony DSC-F717, Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 and one picture here was even taken on mobile phone.
22. 2. 2009 :::: OTK & Deerhoof, MeetFactory (December 19, 2008)
Deerhoof playing live in MeetFactory, Prague, at the end of 2008; OTK as a supporting band - info about Deerhoof here; photographed by ZK, Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5
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Jaroslav Dušek: The fifth agreement (Jihlava)

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12. 3. 2020 -

Divadlo Vizita (Praha)

Improvised performance, Archa Theatre, Na porici 26, Praha 1. 8pm.

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KONOPÁSEK, Z. (????): Antropocén: Více než jeden, méně než dva [Anthropocene: More than one, less than many]. In: P. Pokorný & D. Storch, eds: Antropocén. (edited book in preparation)

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KONOPÁSEK, Z. / SONERYD, L. / SVAČINA, K. (2018): Lost in translation: Czech dialogues by Swedish design. Science & Technology Studies, 31 (3): 5-23

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BARTLOVÁ, M. / BÍLEK, P. / KONOPÁSEK, Z. / REIFOVÁ, I. (2017): Diskuze o interdiciplinárních přístupech k normalizaci [Discussion on interdisciplinary approaches toward normalization]. In: K. Činátl, J. Mervart & J. Najbert, eds: Podoby česko-slovenské normalizace: Dějiny v diskusi [Forms of Czech-Slovak normalization: History debated]. Praha: ÚSTR/NLN. Pp. 81-101

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