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22. 9. 2005 ::::

Dr. Konopný Quartet live at Nad Viktorkou (Praha)

Concert at the Nad Viktorkou pub (Bořivojova, Praha 3 - Žižkov)

7. 8. 2005 ::::

Zdeněk Konopásek: Exploring ordinary resources of an extraordinary power: Toward „ethnomethodological“ study of the communist regime

Invited presentation for the plenary session of the 9th conference of The International Institute for Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis (IIEMCA), Bentley College, Waltham, MA, USA; August 6-9, 2005

Understanding the communist past of Central and Eastern European countries is a persisting task even today, 15 years after the fall of the iron curtain. Dominant political discourses, media images and legal documents push through the following idea of communism: it was something, which originated in a few extra-ordinary, single and far-reaching events (such as violent turnovers, revolutions, military interventions, and colossal intellectual failures); which was based and dependent on a totally controlled and clearly located, centralized power (e.g., the power of a Central Committee of the Communist Party); and which is essentially incommensurable with other political/social regimes (i.e., with democracies in the West and with the new democratic regimes in the region). This tendency is particularly strong if the issue of communism is addressed explicitly and on a general level. At many other occasions, however, when we focus upon situated and practically oriented actions of different social actors, both in the present and in the past, the picture looks different and more complicated. A space for ethnomethodologically inspired study of the communist regime opens up and ordinary resources of the extraordinary power become visible. To show the charm and relevance of such an approach, very much neglected in this field of research, I will use an example of a study undertaken together with my colleague Zuzana Kusá from Bratislava: we have chosen the example of political screenings in former Czechoslovakia to demonstrate the local production of power relations that constituted the reality of the political regime. The analysis of detailed narrative accounts of events that happened in early 1970s suggests that an inverted, non-totalitarian theoretical interpretation of communism is feasible, which better corresponds to the lived, practical experience of involved actors: the power of communists was made real and durable not so much by means of total control, unconditional subsumption and clear-cut categorizations, but rather by means of flexible and subtle identity-work and of partial connections.

22. 7. 2005 ::::

Zátory (Rankovice)

Live at the 2nd annual underground festival in Rankovice

Also playing: Sketa Fotr, Stolní společnost, Děti deště, BFLMPSVZ, Karel Vepřek, Fish Flesh Field and Henry Dollar, Sylvie Krobová and La Bouche and others.
29. 6. 2005 ::::

Zátory: live at the supermarket (Praha)

Concert in the new club Metropolis (Donatellova 2001, Praha 10, Strašnice)

13. 6. 2005 ::::

Dr. Konopný Quartet live at Nad Viktorkou (Praha)

Concert at the Nad Viktorkou pub (Bořivojova, Praha 3 - Žižkov)

2. 6. 2005 ::::

Kvartet dr. Konopného (Half-way Cafe, Praha)

Concert at the Half-way Cafe, Central park Pankrac, Praha 4

5. 4. 2005 ::::

Zátory (Praha)

Concert in the pub Nad Viktorkou (Bořivojova ul. Praha 3)

29. 3. 2005 ::::

Dr. Konopný Quartet live at Nad Viktorkou (Praha)

Concert at the Nad Viktorkou pub (Bořivojova, Praha 3 - Žižkov)

3. 2. 2005 ::::

Zátory (Praha)

Concert, Club Vagón (Národní st.)

Also playing BBP, Skrytý půvab byrokracie
22. 1. 2005 ::::

Zátory (Kostelec nad Černými Lesy)

Concert, Club Barák

18. 1. 2005 ::::

Zdeněk Konopásek: Co znamená interpretovat text? [What it means to interpret a text?]

Presentation at the 4th annual conference Qulatitative approaches in the human sciences, Olomouc; January 17-19, 2005

18. 1. 2005 ::::

Vizita: U-Klub, Olomouc

theatrical performance

dJaroslav Dušek (speaking, acting, dancing, singing), Pjér Lašéz (bass, guitar, singing, speaking), Zdeněk Konopásek (drums, percussion, trumpet), Viktor Zborník (lights).

13. 12. 2004 ::::

Zdeněk Konopásek: Je třeba (ještě jednou) rozebrat Sokala [The Sokal affair revisited]

Lecture within the series of CTS Monday seminars (5 pm, seminar room, Husova 4, Praha 1)

16. 11. 2004 ::::

Kvartet dr. Konopného (Nad Viktorkou, Praha)

Concert at the Nad Viktorkou pub (Bořivojova ul., Praha 3 - Žižkov)

6. 11. 2004 ::::

Kvartet dr. Konopného (Barák club, Kostelec nad Černými Lesy)

Concert at the music club Barák, Kostelec nad Černými Lesy

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