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Released by Guerilla Records: Dvouletá fáma - Z dalky mava kohout piv
Live at Chmelnice, March 23 1989 (digipack, cat. no.: GR 159-2) (last visited 23. 5. 2020)
Czech label run by Vladimír Drápal a.k.a. Lábus, focused on alternative and underground rock, including reissues of archive recordings.
Buy 2CD of Dvouletá fáma at BlackPoint
Studio 1983 & Live 1988 - 2CD (cat. no.: BP-0012) (last visited 24. 1. 2010)
"The Black Point music label was formed on January 1, 1990. The first releases comprised solely of cassettes of the Czech underground & parallel scene – music that had been unavailable on the market due to the communist prohibitions on releasing anything of this kind officially. Many a genuine artist, secluded from the poseurs favoured by the communist party, were suddenly on sale. There was a huge interest. Black Point music soon became a small independent label producing quality domestic music beyond the mainstream, regardless of style. ... Today, Black Point is mainly a shop and e-shop, where you can find amazing musical feats from the Czech Republic and worldwide. The label survives, producing several extraordinary discs marked with a black-point logo annually, contemporary or archive. You can order some of the albums through the distribution of British independent label Recommended Records, but most of them are available through us exclusively."
Dvouletá fáma
The group profile in English (by François Couture, All Music Guide)
"The Czech group Dvouletá Fáma went through two different periods of existence in the 1980s. Trapped in the underground, it seldom performed, recorded rarely, and on the long run had little impact. Yet, the little documents the group left showcase a very original new wave/avant-pop band working in the same vein as Pere Ubu and After Dinner, but in a Czech context..."
TV documentary series Bigbeat: Dvouletá fáma II.
Information about the band (1987-91) on the website of Czech TV (in Czech only)
TV documentary series Bigbeat: Dvouletá fáma I.
Information about the band (1981-83) on the website of Czech TV (in Czech only)

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12. 6. 2023 -

Jaroslav Dušek: Four agreements (Dolní Benešov)

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13. 6. 2023 -

Jaroslav Dušek: Four agreements (Vsetín)

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14. 6. 2023 -

Jaroslav Dušek: Four agreements (Olomouc)

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3 Lydi (2021): 1981. Digital album available at Bandcamp

Re-release of a remastered collection of songs by 3 Lydi, recorded in 1981 and released on CD privately in 2001.

DVOULETÁ FÁMA (2021): Live At Chmelnice (November 20, 1982). Self-released on Bandcamp

Digital album

NOČNÍ PTÁK (2021): Jsem zdráv a daří se mně dobře [I am healthy and things are going well]. Polí5

Digital album + limited number of CDs

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