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Dvouletá fáma: Koncert Na Chmelnici, 1982 [Live at Chmelnice, 1982 (November 20)]

One of the first live shows (and the very first one at the Chmelnice club) of the early line-up of Dvouletá fáma (1981-83) - remastered! Attention: all 23 mp3 files (320 kbps) in a single ZIP archive (about 150 MB). Updated in January 2011. Pictures from the concert
[download] 148 MB, 320 kbps (ZIP file containing mp3 files)

This is a remastered and edited live recording of Dvouleta fama, my former band, from its new wave period. It was offered for download from my website at on November 20, 2010, i.e., as an 28th anniversary edition. I have always considered this concert as one of our best; and also, it is an almost complete overview of the repertoire of that time (more complete than the available studio recording). If I am not mistaken, it was our very first show in the Chmelnice Club - and one of the first concerts of Dvouletá fáma ever.

The band:

Jana Machackova - vocals
Martin Vik - guitar
Ivan Benda - bass
Zdenek Konopasek - drums, vocals

as guest: Lubos (a.k.a. Pavel Kouba) - vocals (Zememeric K)

Music: Martin Vik and Zdenek Konopasek
Lyrics: Pjer Lasez, Zdenek Konopasek, The Slunicko magazine for kids

I do not know anymore who made the original recording. It was me who ripped, in a rough form, the copy of the recording from the tape in early 00's. But I was unable to complete this digitalization and clean up/edit the recording a little bit - because of lack of both time and skills. Fortunately, my friend and former co-player Milan Voříšek agreed to do this and remastered and edited the recording during October and November 2010 (and, once more, slightly modified in December 2010). He did a great job and I thank him very much for this - actually, without his work I could not make the files available.

There exist nice photographs taken during the show.

The recording is available for free for private/non-commercial purpose at - and will remain so. Please, do not make it available from other servers or sources. Thank you and enjoy.

The archive 2CD of Dvouletá fáma (1983, 1988) can be purchased at

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