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Dvouletá fáma: Koncert Na Chmelnici, 1989 [Live at Chmelnice, 1989 (March 23)]

One of the few live shows of the second incarnation of Dvouletá fáma (1988-89) with Josef Ferda Matoušek on bass guitar - in my opinion the best recording of this period, with Radomil Uhlíř. Attention: all 20 mp3 files in a single ZIP archive (about 150 MB).
[download] 151,5 MB, 320 kbps (ZIP file containing mp3 files)

In my opinion this is the best recording of the second incarnation of this band from 1988-1989, much better than the concert from June 1988 (issued as the second disc of the archive double album released by Black Point in 2001; the disc, nonetheless, contains several tracks from this 1989? show as bonuses). Anyway, THIS concert is my choice and recommendation... it bring music I am proud of even now, many years after.

Radomil Uhlíř: voice
Martin Vik: guitars, harmonium
Zdeněk Konopásek: drums and cymbals
Josef Ferda Matoušek: bass

Music by DF. Lyrics by Radomil Uhlíř.

I am giving this recording for free download from this my personal website. You can make links to the file from other websites, but please do not offer the files further from other servers. I promise it will remain here free for everyone. Thanks.

The archive 2CD of Dvouletá fáma (1983, 1988) can be purchased at

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