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Sociologist and musician. Here, at http://zdenek.konopasek.net, everything is mixed together: published books and papers with musical releases; lectures with live performances or even with tournaments in pétanque; sociological research projects with alternative rock bands. If you think this mixture is uncomfortable or inappropriate you should switch to respective sections of this web site. Individual sections can be reached directly by entering the following URLs into the browser’s address line or your favorites:

Sociology: http://sociology.konopasek.net
Music: http://music.konopasek.net
Other things: http://misc.konopasek.net

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZdKonopasek

Closest events/performances

27. 3. 2023 -

Jaroslav Dušek: Four agreements (Brno)

Theatrical performance, Sono

28. 3. 2023 -

Jaroslav Dušek: The fifth agreement (Ostrava)

Theatrical performance

29. 3. 2023 -

Jaroslav Dušek: The fifth agreement (Havířov)

Theatrical performance

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Latest publications/recordings

KONOPÁSEK, Z. / MARŠÁLEK, J. (2023 - in press): Se sociology v zádech: laboratoře, texty, teorie [Sociologists in the scientists' back: Laboratories, texts, theories]. Československý časopis pro fyziku, 73 (2): 102-106


KONOPÁSEK, Z. / MARŠÁLEK, J. (2023): Když se dva hádají, třetí... pozoruje: Sociologické studium vědeckých kontroverzí [When two argue, the third… observes: A sociological study of scientific controversies]. Československý časopis pro fyziku, 73 (1): 4-7


KONOPÁSEK, Z. (2023 - in press): Věda a politika, vpravo, vlevo [Science and politics, right, left]. Sociální studia, ?? (??): ??-??

Scientific paper
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