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13. 4. 2012 :::: Gaudí - I: Casa Batlló (March 23, 2012)

One of the key buildings designed and built by Antoni Gaudi - Casa Batllo in Barcelona. One has to see it by his own eyes. Photographed by ZK with Panasonic GH2.

1. 8. 2011 :::: Adachi Museum of Art - the garden, Japan (September 2010)
Famous Adachi Museum of Art garden completed in the modern times, near the city of Yasugi, South-West of Japan. Photographed by ZK with Sony DSC-F717.
1. 8. 2011 :::: Okayama, Japan (September 2010)
One of the Three Great Gardens of Japan, Koraku-en, in the neighborhood of the black Crow castle in Okayama - some beautiful corners, but personally I liked more the Kenroku-en garden in Kanazawa. Photographed by ZK with Sony DSC-F717.
31. 7. 2011 :::: Kanazawa, Japan (September 2010)
The large garden Kenroku-en (ranked among three most beautiful gardens in Japan) in the neighbourhood of the castle of Kanazawa (Ishikawa prefecture); plus the green oasis of the Gyokusen-en garden belonging to the Nishida family in the same city and some others. Photographed by ZK with Sony DSC-F717.
29. 7. 2011 :::: Temples of Nara, Japan (September 2010)
Temples and shrines in Nara and nearby Horyu-ji belong to the oldest wooden buildings in the world. The Nara temple Todai-ji includes the largest wooden building in the world.Photographed by Sony DSC-F717.
26. 7. 2011 :::: Owakudani, Hakone, Japan (August 2010)
Photographs from the trip to Owakudani (near Hakone). Photographed by Sony DSC-F717.
12. 3. 2011 :::: Nagano and Matsumoto, Japan (August 2010)
Photographs from the trip to Nagano (and its old temple Zenko-ji) and to the castle of Matsumoto, in the nearby city. Photographed by Sony DSC-F717.
11. 2. 2011 :::: Kyoto, Japan (August-September 2010)
Photographs from the old town of Kyoto - its gardens, temples, shrines and other memorable places (with the exception of the Imperial pallace and Imperial villas, which can be found in a separate photogallery here). Photographed by Sony DSC-F717.
2. 1. 2011 :::: Walking on Suché vrchy [Dry hills] (January 2 2011)
My favourite places near Vojnův Městec again, the day after New Year; pictures by ZK, Sony DSC-F717
19. 12. 2010 :::: Nikko, Japan (August 2010)
Photographs from the trip to Nikko (approx. 150 km north from Tokyo), a location of several famous, richly decorated temples, dispersed among majestatic trees (cryptomeria japanica). Photographed by Sony DSC-F717.
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