Publications, recordings and other outputs

An overview of what I have written and published (as sociologist) or recorded and released (as musician). Simply, all public "outputs" of my work. When technically feasible and legally possible, I will add full texts and, in respective parts of the musical section of this web, musical samples in mp3.

3 Lydi (2021): 1981. Digital album available at Bandcamp

Home recordings made with poor equipment in Spring and Summer 1981. [audio samples here]

Line-up: Ivan Kováč - vocal, guitar; Milan Voříšek - bass; Zdeněk Konopásek - drums, vocal; Marek Kraus, as guest - trumpet

Tracks: (1) Intro + Žofie; (2) Láhev; (3) Ráno; (4) Koleno; (5) Na rohu ulice; (6) Hrdinný pudl; (7) Šibeniční vrch; (8) Ne!; (9) Km 33; (10) Voda; (11) Zpravodaj; (12) Horská dráha; (13) Cvrčky; (14) Tyčkový plot; (15) Jseš elegantní; (16) Balada o křeči.

Notes: music by 3 lydi; lyrics by Christian Morgerstern (1, 4, 6-10, 14), 3 lydi (the other tracks). Recorded in August 1981 in Zdenek Konopásek's living room in Karlovy Vary, in a half-accoustic way, using home-made or home-modified technical equipment, directly to a simple cassette player with in-built microphones. Electronically re-processed and put on CD in January 2001 by Milan Voříšek.

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24. 9. 2023 -

Vizita (Praha)

Fully improvised theatrical performance; Divadlo Na Jezerce

26. 9. 2023 -

Jaroslav Dušek: The fifth agreement (Nové Strašecí)

Theatrical performance

5. 10. 2023 -

Kolna (Praha)

Together with Pátí na světě. Kaštan, scéna Unijazzu. Bělohorská 201/150, 169 00 Praha 6

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