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27. 9. 2008 ::::

Svatováclavské koule [St. Venceslas boulles]

Doublets in petanque

40 doublets, ranked as "prestige" - KM & ZK (both PK 1293, Vojnův Městec) - fourth place
21. 8. 2008 ::::

Zdeněk Konopásek & Jan Paleček: Debating possession/mental illness with mental health professionals and clerics: Acting with a symmetrical approach in adverse fields

Presentation at the joint annual conference of the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) & European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST) on "Acting with science, technology and medicine", Rotterdam, Netherlands, August 20-23, 2008 (Session 1.4.3: Modern diseases)

We study how catholic quasi/religious experiences are dealt with in psychiatric care. We ask how it happens that, in particular therapeutic or pastoral settings, phenomena such as hearing the voice of God or having an apparition of Virgin Mary are enacted by participants as, on one hand, a legitimate religious experience or, on the other hand, a symptom of mental illness. To understand this border-work carried out, from time to time, in psychiatric (and also pastoral) practice, we used a symmetrical approach, in which no preference is a priori given to spiritual or medical explanations. That is also why we interviewed, among others, not only psychiatric professionals, but also catholic priests. Our interviewees frequently manifested their genuine interest in our research. Facing their curiosity (but also initial hesitations) we started thinking about the value of symmetrical approach somewhat differently. We appreciated that the “politics of symmetry” has implications far beyond what and how is known and started thinking more of what the symmetrical perspective means for “acting with our scientific knowledge” in the medical and pastoral fields. We decided to set up an experiment. In our early paper on the topic, we discussed a horror/court drama “Exorcism of Emily Rose” (Scott Derrickson, 2005), which tells about a catholic priest accused of negligent homicide of a young woman, Emily Rose, who had been considered by her family and the priest as possessed and did not survive attempted exorcism. Two competing versions of the case were confronted during the trial: while the prosecutor argued that Emily had been sick and exorcism directly led to her death, the defendant – with the help of an anthropologist – tried to take seriously the reality of possession. In this early paper, we show how the movie on Emily Rose carefully develops a balanced view of the phenomena and we also use this analysis to explain the principle of symmetry in our own research design. In the experiment, we have asked some mental health professionals and clerics, to watch the movie and read our early paper to prepare themselves for subsequent focused discussions with us. In the paper proposed for the 4S/EASST conference, we thus want to offer a close analysis of these discussions and shed some light on how the (explained and applied) principle of symmetry might be understood or misunderstood, accepted or rejected as relevant by the concerned professional audiences. We therefore want to contribute to the STS literature on symmetry by a small empirical exercise focused not so much on the “cognitive” relevance of this methodological standpoint, but rather on how symmetrical accounts can be accepted, understood and used by actors in the field(s) under study.

9. 8. 2008 ::::

Oldřich Brož st. & Zdeněk Konopásek: VC Interbell (Brno)

Doublets in petanque, Brno - Slatina

OB & ZK (both PK 1293, Vojnův Městec) - first place in the "B" tournament
19. 7. 2008 ::::

Oldřich Brož st. & Zdeněk Konopásek: Pouťový turnaj [Fair tournament] (Vojnův Městec)

Doublets in petanque

OB & ZK (both PK 1293, Vojnův Městec) - first place
12. 7. 2008 ::::

Divadlo Vizita (Pacov)

Within the Pacovsky polednik festival


11. 7. 2008 ::::

Divadlo Vizita (Ostrava)

Musical festival Colours of Ostrava (Theatre stage)


17. 6. 2008 ::::

Divadlo Vizita: Slowly, but surely (Praha)

Klub Mlejn, Praha 13 - Stodulky, Kovarova 1615/4, 8pm


15. 6. 2008 ::::

Being a quail against own will: Divadlo Vizita (Litoměřice)

Improvised performance


14. 6. 2008 ::::

Vajtovy koule [Vajta's boules] (Vojnův Městec)

Doublets in petanque organised by PK 1293 Vojnův Městec

ZK & KM (both PK 1293, Vojnův Městec) - third place
5. 6. 2008 ::::

Divadlo Vizita: A small tiger's jump (Vimperk)

Improvised theatrical-musical performance


3. 6. 2008 ::::

Zdeněk Konopásek & Jan Paleček: Social sciences meet exorcism: On the reality of illness and demons in the Scott Derrickson’s movie Exorcism of Emily Rose

Presentation at the 5th biannual European conference of Society for Literature, Science & Arts "Figurations of knowledge", Berlin, Germany, July 2-7, 2008 (Stream 1: Inspiration & intuition)

In our research we focus on the thresholds, passages and incommensurabilities between psychiatry and spirituality. More specifically, we ask: How it happens, in terms of observable and accountable practices, that phenomena such as hearing the voice of God, having an apparition of Virgin Mary or suffering from demonic oppression are sometimes understood as symptoms of mental illnesses or, other times, as elements of true spiritual or religious experience? Assuming that it simply is psychiatry, which produces the former, and pastoral practice, which pushes such cases to the latter end, is misleading. The field of practices we study is much more complicated. A useful methodological tool for observing subtleties of our phenomena is taking a symmetrical stand toward them, i.e., taking the spiritual and the psychiatric equally seriously. In our paper we would like to discuss the movie “Exorcism of Emily Rose” (Scott Derrickson, 2005), a combination of horror and court drama, in which a priest is sued for causing death of a young woman by performing exorcism on her. We analyze various means by which the film maintains undecidability for us, as audience, as for the key point of the story: was the young woman, Emily Rose, sick, or possessed? The aim of our analysis is to show what such a symmetrical approach might mean and what implications it could have for research practice, which also can be seen, after all, as a kind of trial.

17. 5. 2008 ::::

Zdeněk Konopásek & Karel Malivánek: Barevné koule [Coloured boules] (Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou)

Doublets in petanque

ZK & KM (both PK 1293, Vojnův Městec) - 5th place (out of 40 doublets). The tournament took place in the park of Jaroměřice castle. It began with four qualifying rounds (the Swiss system), then the best 16 doublets in play off. After failing to get in quarter-final, in a wonderful and dramatic match, we succeeded in 5-8th place play offs to win the 5th place (the final match against Oldřich Brož and Vlastimil Vejmělek from our petaque club in Vojnův Městec). A good day :)

12. 5. 2008 ::::

Divadlo Vizita: Attractive sulphur (Prachatice)

Improvised performance


8. 5. 2008 ::::

Jaroslav Dušek: The four agreements (Lažánky u Brna)

Theatrical performance

Also with: Pjér Lašéz - bass, guitar, singing, speaking; Zdeněk Konopásek - drums, percussion, trumpet; Viktor Zborník - lights
7. 5. 2008 ::::

Divadlo Vizita: Concaved tusks (Nový Jičín)

Improvised preformance


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Jaroslav Dušek: The fifth agreement (Brno)

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Jaroslav Dušek: Four agreements (Nymburk)

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